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Descartes once said, ‘I think therefore I am’.

My viewpoint is completely different:  I feel, therefore I am.   I feel spiritually, emotionally, visually, tactually and at times… logically with my body, mind and soul.  I feel the color, shape and texture of objects in my world.  I sense the pain and joy of people around me.  I feel the warmth of a sensitive word or touch, the humor in a person’s actions or voice and the chill of ignorance, prejudice and fear.  I translate these feelings into my art work.  These translations are expressions of who I am and what I perceive to be real.  

I feel, I dream, then I create.



I have been interested in art since I was very young. Creating things with my hands always kept my interest and was a source of excitement and imagination.  Sculpting, drawing, painting and doing pottery became avenues for me to express my thoughts and feelings. My passion evolved with studies of Mesoamerican, Native American and African art. I became an archaeologist after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art and art history. I continued working in archaeology in the southwest while attending graduate school at ASU where I received my Master of Arts Degree in Native American Arts. I wanted to understand where the art of the Native Americans came from and how it developed.  After becoming legally blind as a result of Valley Fever Meningitis, I realized my life and future had changed and I needed to do something to begin a new life journey.

The answer was to return to the things that I loved and I began studying different cultures and the dynamic aspects of nature. Although I had to make some adaptations for my vision loss, I found I could still function independently as an artist and create beauty. I took a side step and became a rehabilitation teacher and counselor for the disabled. I think I needed to do this to realize that my life still had worth and I did not belong sheltered away somewhere. Through my teaching and counseling of the blind and disabled, I gained confidence and had a tremendous amount of fun at the same time!

During this second adventure in my life, I began to teach studio art, art history and humanities at a private art school and a community college in Colorado Springs. I taught for over 16 years and thoroughly loved interacting with my students, introducing them to arts and ideas they may have never experienced. Now I am retired from teaching at the college and I am working from my studios in Colorado Springs and La Veta.  I paint with gouache, acrylic and watercolor, handcraft paper under the apple trees and create ceramic sculpture inspired from my imagination and life experiences.  Through my art, I express the uniqueness of a facial expression, the beauty of the gnarled trees, the red sandstone rock and the majestic mountains of these two divergent ecosystems. This provides endless hours of inspiration for my art.



    • Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude in Studio Art and Art History, University of Utah
    • Master of Arts in Native American Art History, Arizona State University
    • Masters in Teaching in Elementary K-6, Colorado College
    • EdS in Rehabilitation Teaching and Counseling, University of Northern Colorado
    • Licensed in School Counseling K-12 and Certified in Reiki and Healing Touch therapies
    • Teacher of studio art and art history with all age levels for over 25 years in public and private facilities in Arizona and Colorado
    • Multimedia artist for over 30 years working with paper making, ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture and collage
    • Juried into prestigious art shows including those in New York, Utah and Colorado
    • Speaker at numerous workshops for state, regional and national conferences related to studio art, art history, anthropology and counseling of youth and disabled
    • Recipient of scholarships and the annual state teaching award conferred by the Colorado Department of Education
    • Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Art History at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs for 16 years. Now retired.
    • Studio Art Teacher, Bemis Art School, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado College for over 6 years.
    • Practitioner using various healing modalities during the past five years in spiritual, educational and medical facilities

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